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  Welcome to Lotus Industries  
Lotus Industries is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of HDPE Monofilament Yarn & HDPE Monofilament Woven Fabrics (Plastic Net/Mesh). Lotus Industries was established in the year 1978 & since then has established itself as the pioneer in the field of high quality HDPE Monofilament Woven Fabrics,
We have modern well equipped factories in & around Mumbai (Total area 25,000 sq.ft)
3 decade experience in manufacturing field of HDPE Monofilament Yarn & HDPE
  Monofilament Woven Fabrics.
Manufacturing entire range of HDPE Monofilament Woven Fabrics.
Exporting to several countries in the world.
Excellent quality control of products & all stages of operation.
Our group success is based on excellent quality, on time delivery, competitive pricing &
  innovative technology upgadation.
Construction Net(scaffolding net)
Covering Net
Horticulture Greenhouse Net